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Solar energy

 - Solar collectors;


 - Photovoltaic systems.





Projects of Sofia Energy center:


- Project  Trans-solar - Exchange of experience in the development of solar thermal products.


- Project  EAST-GSR - Solar Thermal Applications in Eastern Europe with guaranteed results



 - SOLMED II - Widening the Use of European Solar Thermal Technologies in Mediterranean Countries Following the Successful Model of Greece -


Bulgarian Solar Thermal Market Assessment Report


Bulgarian Solar Thermal Market Development Plan


 - Dissemination of state of the art large-scale EU solar technologies to the hotel sector applications, Information Package on


 - Solar Thermal Technologies for Application in the Tourist Sector, 2001.


 - Promotion of solar thermal applications in buildings. Handbook for Solar Energy in Buildings, 1999


 - Installation of an efficient solar collector system for hot water in the “Alen Mak” Kindergarten in Veliko Tarnovo, 1998.


 - Market study on Solar thermal equipment for hotels and holiday facilities in Bulgaria (THERMIE Code SE 21), 1995.