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Project "Energy Intelligent Education for retrofitting of social houses" - EI-EDUCATION

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Why EI-Education?
European countries face the problem with the need of refurbishment of existing housing stock. This refurbishment should meet the new requirements for energy efficiency of buildings, that means a reduction of energy consumption with at least 30% and the new  expectations of tenants and owners of dwellings for increased comfort and less expenses for energy and maintenance.
The social housing companies have to overcome these problems in order to  meet the challenge of the competition in the housing sector.
The EI– Education project aims to give the social housing companies knowledge and tools in order to motivate and train the sector to perform     energy efficient retrofitting.
The EI-Education programme is based on best practice examples from European countries and set focus on practical solutions. These examples show how at least 30% energy savings can be reached at retrofitting, how buildings can be improved with regard to comfort, healthier environment and decrease of expenses for maintenance.


Take advantage of the EI-Education Programme!
The EI-Education Programme is   elaborated to help you to find the best solutions for retrofitting of dwelling buildings. In the programme you will find useful information how to plan, organise and carry out your project. You will also find suggestions for financial and technical solutions.
The EI-Education Programme is designed for you!
Take advantage of the database included in the Guidebook and the case studies! Join us at:



Elsebeth Terkelsen
Aarhus School of Architecture
Department for Supplementary Education
Oberösterreichischer Energie Spar Verband - ESV, Austria
Sofia Energy Centre – SEC, Bulgaria
Cenergia, Denmark
Centre Scientifique et Tecknique du Bâtiment - CSTB, France
Energy research Centre of the Netherlands – ECN, The Netherlands
Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK – Slovenia
Boligselskabernes landsorganisation – BL, Denmark
Housing Fund of Ljubljana – HFLJ, Slovenia


The EI-Education Platform
The platform is available on the EI-Education web page: It presents information, e-learning and links to further self studies. In the platform you will find also a database of best practice examples, catalogued in “Technology and environment”, “Policy and strategy” and “organization and financing”.


The Guidebook
The EI-Education Guidebook gives an introduction to the strategic, the tactical and the practical level of   energy retrofitting.
The Guidebook includes the following chapters:
Status quo in partner countries
When to renovate
How to renovate
Checklists and tools
Best practice examples
Recommendations to overcome barriers and support drivers
Literature and links


The training courses
Training courses were organised in six countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, France , the Netherlands and Slovenia in order to assess the EI-Education Programme.
The target groups for the training courses depended on the countries and included experts from housing associations, municipalities, building sector, architects and planners, owners of apartments, manufacturers of building products.
The programmes of the courses were adapted in the different countries depending on the target groups and the specific needs of training. These programmes can be downloaded from the project  web page.
The  participants were asked to fill-in questionnaires for assessment of the  quality of lectures, materials and organisation of the courses.
The results of the questionnaires show that most of the participants are satisfied with the course and expect to use the information in their work.!


Download the guide book:


Part 1; Part 2; Part 3