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Clean energy for a sustainable world

Municipal initiatives

  • Training of energy experts;
  • Establishment of regional networks;
  • Municipal projects for energy efficiency and RES.



Projects of Sofia Energy Center:


 -   SmartEnCity – Sustainale urban development in Asenovgrad


ENEFMUN - Training of Local Authorities Experts on the Identification, Development and Implementation of Energy Efficiency Projects in Municipalities -

Guidebook - Energy Efficiency in Municipalities




- The Centre was involved in an initiative related to the establishment of Regional Energy Efficiency Networks. The initiative is under the Five-year Development Assistance Programme of the Greek Government, and it aims at helping in the reduction of energy costs on regional and municipal level and at enhancing the cooperation between regional and municipal authorities from Bulgaria and Greece in the energy efficiency field. Three Energy Offices have been established in the Municipalities of Radomir, Smoljan and Varna.


-  Sofia Energy Centre, within Balkan OPET Project, performed an action consisting of disseminating relevant to the municipalities energy related information, including energy efficiency measures and best practice examples, know-how transfer from EU similar structures, etc. The Network is regularly updated and gets a vivid feedback and requests for further information by the recipients of the bulletins/e-mails .