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In the context of the Kyoto Agreement, the European Community and individual Member States are looking for cost-effective measures to reduce CO2 emissions and combat climate change. To this end the European Commission carried out the European Climate Change Programme (ECCP) during which it identified, with stakeholders, cost-effective actions that contribute to CO2 emission reductions. The ECCP identified residential lighting as an important area. To achieve considerable savings in this sector, a coherent strategy is required to transform the lighting market. To ensure a sustainable growth and use of compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) we propose to develop valid promotional arguments and implement coherent promotional campaigns; to train end-users in order to achieve a self-sustained CFL use growth. Concerning energy savings from CFLs, by replacing only one additional GLS lamp by one CFL per household a gain of 22.5 TWh or 4 MTEP per annum corresponding to 1.2 Mtn of less CO2 per annum can be achieved.

The overall EnERLIn project objective is to substantially increase the efficiency of residential lighting in a
number of Member States and Candidate Countries, through increased penetration of CFL’s in the
residential sector. This objective should be achieved mainly by
Introducing a CFL Quality Charter that guarantees for the end-user the CFL quality
• Designing and implementing CFL promotional campaigns adapted to each country sensibility




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