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Energy efficiency in buildings

Energy efficiency in buildings:


 - energy audits and assessments;


 - social housing;


 - life-cycle cost assessment;


 - Innovative concepts and technologies at building refurbishment;


 - Market assessments;


 - Financial schemes for implementation of energy efficient measures;


 - Users' behaviour and energy consumption;


 - Sustainable building;


 - Potential for energy savings.





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Sofia Energy Centre works on energy efficiency of buildings by 1992 (Project Control and Energy Technology Assessment Bulgarian buildings - a program THERMIE, 1992, 1993). Center has worked on energy-efficient lighting (project OPET 1994), Energy efficiency in hotels (program THERMIE, 1996)




 More projects of Sofia Energy Center:


LoRe-LCA "Low Resource consumption buildings and constructions by use of LCA design and decision making"


Project PeBBu - "Performance based building"

Balkan OPET

"Energy information network at municipal level in Bulgaria, Romania and Greece"