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International Club "Eco-Building" for disseminating advanced European sustainable energy technologies in Europe and China

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The project implementation started in 2007 and lasted until 2009 "Eco-Building" will be performed by Sofia Energy Centre in consortium with partners from Denmark, France, Italy, China and Greece.

The project offers a different approach than the usual market in which market participants are not only recipients of messages. The new approach - "Eco-Building 'Club is a virtual round table around which producers and technology providers and designers will be major players in the market penetration of new scientific achievements and demonstration.

The project aims to:

1. Promotion and dissemination of new European research and development achievements and results of demonstration projects in the field of sustainable development, including:

- New energy-efficient materials, which are not yet available or just put on the market;

- New energy performance of heating and ventilation systems and technology for the production of energy from renewable energy sources in buildings;

- Best European demonstration projects on green buildings.

2. Direct involvement of market participants in the activities demonstration and distribution by creating a virtual "Eco-Biliding" club. Activities include:

- Market research interest to apply the results of research and development activities;

- Selection of the results of research and development activities based on local market needs and future development;

- Support for entry of scientific achievements and demonstration by applying pre-feasibility studies were actual objects.

In addition, market promotion and presentation of the R & D achievements will take place not only in Europe but also beyond. Specific dissemination activities will be carried out in China with direct participation of Chinese research institutions and associations in the construction sector as partners in the project.

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