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Clean energy for a sustainable world

Clean technologies for fossil fuels

 - Fluidised bed combustion;


 - Application of combined cycle with integrated low-temperature heat;


 - Computer management of combustion processes in steam generators.




Projects of Sofia Energy Center:


 - CLEANER FOSSIL FUEL OPET, NNE5/2002/97, including: -
• Promotion of Gasification of Low Grade Lignite and Brown Coal
• Promotion of CCT implementation options in existing coal-fired power plants


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 - NAS-LOTHECO, NNE5-2001-00813, Study on the possibility for implementation of the LOTHECO cycle in Bulgaria. LOTHECO cycle is combined cycle with Integrated Law Temperature Heat.




 - Promotion of fluidized bed technologies in Balkan countries, 2001.




 - Information exchange network in clean coal technologies, 2001.