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        The "Buy smart for a Better World" called "Green Procurement" (GPP - Green Public Procurement) - aims to promote, implement and further develop the procurement of energy efficient products and the inclusion of "green "criteria for energy efficiency and environmental friendliness in the tendering of contracts for goods and services. He encouraged and financed by the European program "Intelligent Energy - Europe".

       The project does not introduce new tools, but address the key barriers currently limiting the widespread use of "green" procurement.

By using their purchasing power by choosing goods and services that are environmentally friendly, they can make a significant contribution to sustainable development. Green procurement requirements are possible in areas such as purchasing energy efficient computers and buildings (construction) office furniture made of wood from environmentally sustainable managed forests, recycled paper, electric cars, green public transport, organic food in canteens, electricity from renewable energy sources, climate systems complying with the latest environmental solutions. Buying wisely, we can save materials and energy, reduce waste and pollution and encourage sustainable patterns of behavior.