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December, 3, 2015

Training in municipality Gabrovo on Green ProcA project


On December 2, 2015, training was held in the municipality of Gabrovo, organized in cooperation with the municipality and Eco-Energy. Topic: green public procurement (GPP) in implementing the action plans for sustainable energy municipalities (SEAP). Attended by 21 experts from eight municipalities.




October, 3, 2015

Presentation of the project Green ProcA on the National Conference ABEA


 On October 2, 2015 in Plovdiv was presented the project Green ProcA on X National Conference of ABEA. The presentation focused on the role of GPP  in implementing the action plans for sustainable energy municipalities (SEAP).




June, 12, 2015

Project Green ProcA on "Annual meeting of local authorities from South East Europe", May,17, 2015

On May, 17, 2015 Green ProcA project was presented to the participants of the "Annual Meeting of Local Authorities of South East Europe". The presentation focused on the role of GPP in implementing the action plans for sustainable energy municipalities (SEAP).




April, 2, 2015

Bratsigovo Municipality joined the "Covenant of Mayors" project "50 000 and 1 SEAPs"

Bratcigovo Municipal Council took a unanimous decision on the accession of the municipality to the Covenant of Mayors. It was on 01/29/2015 there during the regular session of the local parliament.

Bratsigovo municipality is located in Pazardzhik and falls into West Rhodope area of ​​Osogovo-Rhodope area. The municipality covers an area of ​​221 km2 and counts a population of 9648 people. It borders the municipalities of Krichim, Peshtera and Batak. Bratsigovo Municipality has adopted municipal development plan until 2020. Updated Energy Efficiency Action Plan and a program for renewable energy sources.

Within the project "50 000 and 1 SEAPs" Bratsigovo municipality develop an action plan for sustainable energy development, to be submitted for approval by the Covenant of Mayors.

Aim of the project is to create a coherent approach to integrating systems for energy management according to ISO "50 000 and 1SEAPs", with the Action Plans for Sustainable Energy (SEAP). Project aims and institutionalization of sustainable energy policies and ensuring effective implementation of the SEAP during and after completion of the project activities.

The project is implemented by associations of municipalities and consulting energy companies from Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Latvia, Romania, Spain, France and Germany, and is co-funded by the Intelligent Energy-Europe of the European Union. Partners in the project are Bulgaria Association of Rhodope Municipalities and European Center for Quality.



Current projects





Project Green ProcA                                                                                      


 Green ProcA has an aim to inform and support organisations making procurements in implementaion of GPP in seven euripean countries.




Project "CITYnvest"


Innovative financing models  for energy efficiency projects



 Project IN-BEE

" Assessing the intangibles: the socio-economic benefits of energy efficiency"



































About us

The necessity of rational energy use and decrease of environmentally harmful emissions, while at the same time meeting the growing demand for energy, is the basis of Sofia Energy Centre's activity since 1997.

Energy efficiency at the final consumer (building, industry, etc.), co-generation, wider use of solar, wind and bio energy are amongst our priority activities.

Sofia Energy Centre follows the policy of the EU for promotion and implementation of new energy technologies for a more efficient and clean energy use at local, regional and national level aiming to reach sustainable development. The Centre has implemented projects in the programs: IEE, FP7
, FP6, FP5, FP4, PHARE, THERMIE, SYNERGY, SAVE, ALTENER and others. The Centre also works on projects of the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, as well as on project with Japanese partners.

The main spheres of activities of Sofia Energy Centre are: development of studies and assessment of the energy potential of new technologies, materials and fuels; market studies; promotional campaigns; organizing educational courses, seminars and conferences; development of regional networks in the following spheres:

 - Energy efficiency of buildings: public, residential, industrial and others; user behaviour, new energy efficient technologies; energy efficient lighting;

 - Energy efficiency in industry: application of different co-generation schemes; horizontal energy technologies; energy efficiency of district heating;

 - Clean tecnologies for fossil fuels;

 - Renewable energy sources: solar collectors for heating and cooling; photovoltaic installations, biomass and biofuels, wind turbines, small hydro PP;

 - Energy management, energy policy and planning, financial schemes, emissions trading, municipal initiatives.